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FedEx Inbound deliveries of laboratory specimens to Spectra.

FedEx has indicated that due to weather conditions in the Memphis area on Monday, Tuesday and today, there were many flight cancellations and delays. This is impacting inbound deliveries of laboratory specimens to Spectra. We expect delays in processing and subsequent reporting of results. In addition, there may be cancellations due to specimen age and quality. Results will be transmitted to Korus as they are released. However, should you need assistance please contact Spectra Customer Service at your servicing lab location.

Lab Specimen Cold Weather Advisory

Due to the extremely low temperatures across the country and to avoid compromising laboratory specimens particularly lavender tubes (whole blood) please review the following with facility staff:

- Remove ice packs from the freezer at least 1-2 hours in advance of placing them in the lab specimen shipping box.
- Do not seal box until ready for shipment.
- Do not place lab shipping box outside your facility in anticipation of pick up by FedEx, UPS or courier.
- Specimens received frozen or slushy will not be able to be processed and will be canceled.

Contact : 800-433-3773 (Milpitas, CA) | 800-522-4662 (Rockleigh, NJ)

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